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A man once stood on a hill in the middle of the night. Looking out into the great unknown abyss of the universe, he wondered what his purpose was in the world. As the man stood there, he began to think. He thought about all of the things that have come to be by his choices. He thought about how it would be had he been able to change things, maybe even how he could have made his life better. The man thought about the decisions that have come and gone, and how he ultimately shaped his path in the cosmos.

After standing there for what seemed like an eternity, the man shivered as a sudden realization came to his mind. The thought was so grand that even he didn’t fully understand the positive repercussions his purpose would bring forth. He was absolutely startled at this one thought of doing something so great that he stood there, completely lost in his imaginings. He realized that delivering his purpose in life was greater than he could have ever imagined; greater than his family, greater than his friends, greater than himself. This purpose is what would keep the man driving till the end of his days. A purpose so vast, that the responsibility of it alone, would carry a heavy but awesome responsibility, to change all of humanity forever more.

In the awe of the revelation he just had, the man started back down the hill. Amidst in his thoughts, a smile ran across the man’s face as he thought, “Wow, I really can do it.”

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Copywriting Services:

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